We believe that the most important part of any project is communication. We like to work with and for people who like us!

Our initial design consultation is an opportunity for you to share your wish list with one of our designers, find out more about our processes and ask any questions you may have, and is a great chance for you to get a feeling for who we are and how we work.

This consultation may take place in our office, but particularly in the case of proposed additions or alterations to a property, it may be helpful for us to meet on-site.

Consideration is given to budgets, time frames and project feasibility.

Site Visit

A site visit allows us to walk through and discuss your project with you on location.

It is also an opportunity for us to take measurements of any existing premises to ensure the accuracy of the initial design stage.

Sometimes a site visit becomes necessary when we need more accurate information about ground levels, views, and neighbouring properties.


After getting a feel for what your project might involve, our design team will prepare a quote for you outlining the costs involved.

These costs are broken down to show the various stages based on the scope of the work involved, including sketch plans, working drawings and any Council documentation required to complete your building project.Quote

Concept Sketches

Your designer will combine your needs, and the features from your wish list to create initial concept sketches.FeatureBox6You will have the opportunity to view these and discuss any changes you would like to make, ensuring that your vision is captured before moving forward with working drawings.

Computer Aided Design

As an added service, our ArchiCAD technician can create a realistic representation using the latest 3D Modelling tools, giving you a virtual experience of your proposed project.

This is additional to the initial sketch plans, and an exciting and often invaluable way for you to visualise the final result.

Working Drawings

The preparation of working drawings only begins after you are happy with the final design.

These are the final drawings prepared to meet with local Council regulations and New Zealand Building Codes, and are blueprints your builder will refer to during construction.

A specification is prepared, as part of the working drawings, and gives greater detail of materials and workmanship required. It may also include specialist reports relating to effluent disposal, energy efficiency, truss designs, engineering details, etc.


Council Documentation

Though it is possible for you to lodge any necessary Consent documentation to your local council yourself, many of our clients prefer for us to do this on their behalf.

We can complete the necessary paperwork, ensuring that all the appropriate information is presented.

Councils regularly have questions of a technical nature. Acting as your agent, we can clarify any matters arising on your behalf, saving you valuable time.


Builders & Tradesmen

ADP Design has a long history in the Manawatu, and we work closely with a variety of builders and construction companies on a regular basis.

Not sure who to ask? Upon request, we are happy to provide contact details and recommendations for builders and tradespeople we believe might be well suited to help you with your project, including kitchen designers, interior designers, and landscape experts.

Building Estimates

If you are building for the first time, or unsure of the likely costs involved for materials and labour, it is often desirable to get price estimates from a builder or builders.

Generally, an indication of costs can be given based on the final sketch plans, to ensure that your final build costs are within the realms of possibility before you ask to us to proceed with the full working drawings, and incur these costs.


We can assist with a formal tendering process by sending full working drawings and relevant information to selected parties for them to prepare formal quotes for you to compare.